Audit Committee

Our audit committee consists of Mr.Colin Sung, Ms. Jerry Zhang and Mr.Jianyun Chai, with Mr. Sung serving as the Chair.  Our board has determined that all of our audit committee members are independent directors within the meaning of applicable NASDAQ listing rules, and meet the criteria for independence set forth in Rule 10A-3(b)(1) of the Exchange Act.
Our board has determined that each of Mr. Sung, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Chai has an understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and financial statements, the ability to assess the general application of such principles in connection with our financial statements, including estimates, accruals and reserves, experience in analyzing or evaluating financial statements of similar breadth and complexity as our financial statements, an understanding of internal controls and procedures for financial reporting, and an understanding of audit committee functions.
Our board believes that Mr. Sung qualifies as an “audit committee financial expert” within the meaning of all applicable rules.  Our board believes that Mr. Sung has financial expertise from his degrees in business, his activities as a chief executive officer and chief financial officer of various companies, and his consulting activities in the areas of accounting, corporate finance, capital formation and corporate financial analysis.
We adopted an audit committee charter under which the committee is responsible for reviewing the scope, planning and staffing of the audit and preparation of the financial statements.  This includes consultation with management, the auditors and other consultants and professionals involved in the preparation of the financial statements and reports.  The committee is responsible for performing oversight of the relationship with our independent auditors.  The committee also has a general compliance oversight role in assuring that our directors, officers and management comply with our code of ethics, reviewing and approving of related party transactions, dealing with complaints regarding accounting, internal controls and auditing matters, and complying with accounting and legal requirements applicable to us.
Pursuant to the terms of its charter, the audit committee’s responsibilities include, among other things:
• selecting our independent auditors and pre-approving all auditing and non-auditing services permitted to be performed by our independent auditors;

• reviewing with our independent auditors any audit problems or difficulties and management’s response;

• reviewing and approving all proposed related-party transactions;

• discussing the annual audited financial statements with management and our independent auditors;

• reviewing major issues as to the adequacy of our internal controls and any special audit steps adopted in light of significant internal control deficiencies;

• annually reviewing and reassessing the adequacy of our audit committee charter;

• such other matters that are specifically delegated to our audit committee by our board of directors from time to time;

• meeting separately and periodically with management and our internal and independent auditors; and

• reporting regularly to the full board of directors.