Compensation Committee

Our compensation committee consists of Ms. Jerry Zhang and Mr.Jianyun Chai and Mr.Colin Sung, with Ms. Jerry Zhang serving as its Chair. Our board has determined that all of our compensation committee members are independent directors within the meaning of applicable NASDAQ listing rules, and meet the criteria for independence set forth in Rule 10A-3(b)(1) of the Exchange Act.
Our compensation committee assists the board in reviewing and approving the compensation structure of our executive officers, including all forms of compensation to be provided to our executive officers.  Our chief executive officer may not be present at any committee meeting during which his compensation is deliberated.  The Compensation Committee is responsible for, among other things:

• approving and overseeing the compensation package for our chief executive officer and the other senior executive officers;

• reviewing and approving corporate goals and objectives relevant to the compensation of our chief executive officer, evaluating the performance of our chief executive officer in light of those goals and objectives, and setting the compensation level of our chief executive officer based on this evaluation;

• reviewing and making recommendations in respect of director compensation;

• engaging and overseeing compensation consultants;

• reviewing periodically and making recommendations to the Board regarding any long-term incentive compensation or equity plans, programs or similar arrangements, annual bonuses, employee pension and welfare benefit plans and the administration of those plans; and

• reviewing and making recommendations to the Board regarding succession plans for the chief executive officer and other senior officers.