Our Businesses

Industrial Automation

Process automation and control:

  • DCS (Distributed Control System)
  • HolliAS Batch (Batch Application Package)
  • RMIS (Real-time Management Information System)
  • HAMS (HolliAS Asset Management System)
  • OTS (Operator Training System)
  • HolliAS APC Suite (Advanced Process Control Package)
  • SIS (Safety Instrumentation System)
  • Total Solution
  • After sales service

Discrete automation and control:

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Total Solution

Nuclear Power automation and control:

  •  HOLLiAS NMS - non-safety automation control
  • Proprietary technologies in solution, hardware and software design, manufacture, installation and service for process automation and control.


  •  Proprietary technologies in solution, hardware and software design, manufacture, installation and service for discrete automation and control.


  • Engineering design, procurement, integration, installation, support, and specialized services for the safe, reliable, and economical operation of the nuclear power plant.
  • Over 15,000 customers with more than 25,000 projects completed in process control field.
  • In China, we are the only domestic company qualified to design and manufacture non-safety control systems of nuclear power plants.
  • Joint-venture with China’s largest nuclear station operator, China General Nuclear Power Corporation. (CGNPC)
Rail Transportation
  • High-speed rail signaling system:
    - TCC (Train control center)
    - ATP (Automatic Train Protection)
  • Subway SCADA (Surveillance Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Subway Signaling System
  • Design and manufacture state-of-the-art railway signaling systems of on-board ATP and ground control TCC.
  • Provid a well integrated control for the train operation and provide full protection and safety for the high-speed railway traffic.
  • Integrated supervision & control technology for the urban mass transit and subway. 
  • Subway Signaling System is to provide full control and protection for the subway safety running.
  • 1 of the only 3 approved providers in the High-Speed (C3) 300-350km/hr rail segments in China.
  • 1 of the only 3 approved providers in the (C2) 200~250Km/hr rail segments in China.
  • Our market share for CTCS-2 ATP sets sold commanded 50.6% of the market share from 2014 to 2018.
  • Proprietary signaling system products such as ATP, TCC, and LEU etc. certified to European Safety Standard, SIL Level 4.
  • The leading SCADA system supplier for Subway Automation.
  • Proprietary technology and products in subway signaling field under development, pioneering all other domestic suppliers.
M&E Design, electrification and enineering Specialized Mechanical & Engineering solutions provider in the wide industrial, commercial and residential buildings, rail and subway transportation, and other automation and eletrification works in Southeast Asia and Middle East. Renowned player in Southeast Asia and Middle East, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.